Rob am 27.3.2015

Get inspired with: Rob Gurski


Introducing 360fly – Live life uncropped
Behind the scenes / Website StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310027226 001

Minimal analog watch – Watch yourself aging
Showcase StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310896740 002-1

Santoku knife Evercut
Productpage StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310086671 003

iWatch Mockup by Thomas Bogner
Watch it movin' StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310099377 004

Café Racer by Tara Kravtchouk for Belstaff
Portfolio StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310131098 005


March '15 – Some of the songs which guided me throughout the last month
Playlist StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310481462 014

Tools & Guides

Grids Club – Just in case you need a ready to use grid for different resolutions
Gridsclub StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310144430 006

Dev Rocket – Your mind gets fucked up if your Dev guys want xhdpi assets? Than you might like DevRocket. Otherwise read that: Screen densities / Website StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310156595 007

3D & Animation

Arising 2 – Inspiring 3D models by Kontorn Boonyanate
Project / Portfolio StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310259506 011

Freddy's Life by Superfiction Scott "If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe."
Project / Website StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310307018 010

Feelers – A typographic experience based on the movement of animal appendages.
Animations and Details StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310322318 009

Animated GIFs – Smooth animations by Florian de Looji
Portfolio StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427312578679 013

Creatures – A series of mechanic animals by Andrew Serkin
Behance StS35qKLuFe p.354527 1427310343164 012